Acer DA220HQL 21.5-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop

post 3This unit at this price point (we paid $299) is one of the best values I found all year. On the account of some less than great reviews I hesitated to purchase this, but let me tell you, as a very “tech person”, the poor reviews are unfounded and authored by people who simply were disappointed that this does not have Windows installed which it does not claim to! You can however plug in your Windows laptop, tablet. tower, etc, and have a full blown huge Windows tablet/touchscreen all-in-one! The screen is beautiful I must mention; it’s full HD and crisp – I can’t take anyone with issues with the screen seriously and hopefully you won’t either. My only disappointment was that I did not get this sooner!

Android OS works much better in a desktop manner than I thought it would. Mind you we got this mainly for the kids to use android, and secondly as a monitor solution to get a desktop experience from our smaller Windows tablets. It really works great for all of this and unlike many other “portable all-in-ones”, this unit actually is absolutely portable! For $299, I honestly expected less, but feel I got well more than my money’s worth with this product – VERY HAPPY.

~This unit is truly portable! It’s very thin, light-weight, sleek, and just very attractive and high quality all around.
~The included keyboard and mouse are very nice – they have a uniqueness in their design that is refreshing.
~Crisp, clear, FULL HD touch-screen.
~Micro to full HDMI cable & micro to full size USB are included in the box.
~Works as a touch screen monitor for any (even non-touch screen) Windows machines.
~Adjustable built-in kickstand works great and is much lighter and less bulky than other ‘stands’ on all-in-ones.
~It’s dirt cheap for what you get!

~It’s only 2-point multi-touch, compared to other 5-point or 10-point options out there – that’s the only con I can think of, though I haven’t noticed any limitation(s), not has the wife or kids.


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