Acer Aspire V5-131-2629 11.6″ Laptop (Black)

Long story short. I wanted an inexpensive 11.6 inch notebook with Windows 7 to travel with and use in and around my home. I found it with the Acer V5-131-2629.

When I discovered this Windows 7 laptop, I was excited to find that it was still available in mass quantities. In fact, mine was manufactured only a couple of months ago. I really didn’t want to go the Windows 8 route for what I was trying to accomplish with this laptop.

This laptop had everything I was looking for; Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Celeron 1007U 1.5 GHz dual core processor, 11.6″ screen (1366×768), 4GB DDR3 ram memory, 500GB hard drive, Intel GMA HD Graphics, WIFI A, G, N and Bluetooth 4.0. It also has three USB ports (2.0) and not 3.0 as advertised along with HDMI, VGA and Ethernet ports. It also comes with a 6-cell lithium ion battery with a battery life of 6.5 hours. The battery does protrude at the bottom of the laptop, but in turn gives it a nice angle to use. You can order a four cell battery replacement if you want a slimmer and flush look to the laptop at the expense of battery life. I ordered one and will use the 6-cell battery as a spare.

The laptop itself has a great design and form factor. If you have seen Acer’s Chromebook C710 11.6″ laptop, this is the same exact laptop, but in black and the inclusion of Windows 7. The chiclet keyboard and screen are very good. It is very easy to open the back panel for any user upgrades such as upgrading the ram or hard drive to an SSD. All you have to do is remove one screw and slide the back panel off.

After using this laptop, I’m very pleased with it. The Windows Experience Index rates it 4.4 out of the box with no upgrades. It is very fast and has no problems streaming 1080p video. I have noticed no lag at all.

If you want the flexibility of a laptop without the limitations of a tablet, this Acer laptop offers lots of bang and a real good look for the buck. I strongly recommend it.61Ea-7FHkZL._SL1500_


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