Acer Aspire S7-391-6818 13.3-Inch Full HD Touchscreen

post6The weight is just slight heavier than a university textbook.
It comes with the case which is unexpected.
4GB ram and CPU 1.8 Ghz is good enough to me and SSD helps for the booting time taking in very short time.
Special on SSD: it is 2 X 64GB SSD in raid 0 (It is really fast!!!)

Support Win 7? Yes!!!! Driver? Yes (same drivers installing on Win 8)
I personally dislike the interface of Win 8. So I downgrade to Win 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Work completely fine. All drivers which can download from Acer official website also support in Win 7.
SM Bus Controller and Intel(R) USB 3.0 eXtensible Host Controller Driver need to be downloaded separately from Intel website. 5MB size per each, so not a big deal.

Temperature: even it is full loading, it is not hot at all. I could say it is just warm a bit.
Touch Screen: it is Sensitive and accurate.

The battery life is acceptable. Average is like 4-5 hours. With WIFI, surf internet, dimmest screen.

Something needs to concern is about the fan. The fan is a bit noisy only when laptop is full loading.

Acer S7-391-6818 VS Acer S7-392-6832

If you are thinking buying Acer S7-391-6818($799) and Acer S7-392-6832($1,199.97), here is some research I did before purchased S7-391.

Intel Core i5 4200U vs 3337U
Linke for Stat: […]
I would say 3 Gen CPU in S7-391 is actually Faster than 4Gen CPU in S7-392, but 3337U would consume more power though.

If you care about the battery life, yes Acer S7- is for you.
But compare to those price on laptops based on their hardware,
– upgraded from 4GB DDR3 to 8GB DDR3,
– almost double on battery capacity, new Gen CPU
– improved the Intel HD graph from 4000 to 4400
– changed from mini HDMI to Full sized HDMI

I do not think the overall performance would have large difference which is worth enough to pay 400USD more.

Hope those help to you!!

I definitely would recommend S7-391 to my friend. I like this Ultrabook!!


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